Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Action Packed Adventure--March 2007

One day in March I woke up and decided I wasn't playing by their rules anymore. After a brief brainstorm with Delia we decided that we would get in the car and just go somewhere. A good ol' fashioned A.P.A. We packed up the family bags for the weekend got in the car and started driving north. We didn't have any place in particular to be and no deadlines. It turned out to be the funnest car trip of our lives. Ultimately we ended up in Richmond for a day at Chuck E. Cheese with Jeff, Kelly and Lena. Then we headed to Colonial Williamsberg and a really nice hotel room with an indoor pool. We spent a great day in Williamsberg with everyone. We all kept saying what a great time we were having every few minutes like it kept creeping up on us and surprising us. I was amazed how much we packed into two and a half days.

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