Saturday, June 9, 2007

June is busting out all over: June 2006

We drove to Fairport, New York to spend the month swimming and carousing with the Vaisey Clan. Steve set up an office in the aromatic basement at 14 Hulbert drive. He was like a monk in a dank cell totally content to do his work while the kids and I went to movies, swam, ate good food (that I didn't prepare) and spent time with Bop Bop, Baba Juje, Dylan, Jeff, Kelly and baby Lena. He joined us in the evenings a better man. One of the biggest highlights was seeing Eloise with little Baby Lena. COUSINS!! As always Delia and Milo loved being with this crew. Enjoy the photos of baby cousins, swimming kids, and BBJJ loving up Delia.

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