Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sweet November--November 2006

It seemed like our household went into hyperdrive in November of last year. We put on the bookfair (please reference the picture of the rainforest that I created entirely out of paper from the teacher staff room). Then the next day we pulled off the First Annual Chapel Hill 2nd Ward Harvest Hoedown. Dad drew these great pictures which we projected on butcher paper and traced and the room looked great. We also had this souvenir photo booth designed by Dad which Steve and I are pictured in. I think the following Monday Eloise and I got on a plane to attend Ethan and Diane's wedding. It was great to see so many family and friends and witness the couple's official start in life. We flew home and then Bop Bop (who makes all your dreams come true) flew us all up for a really fun Thanksgiving weekend in NYC. We spent time with Kelly's family and also had a great day in the city at the Rockettes Christmas show. We are pictured outside Radio City Music Hall. Somewhere in all of this we took the kids iceskating and they "Bambi"ed thier way all over the ice.

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