Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now that's just wild.

    Let the 




To have a wild rumpus just follow these simple instructions:

1) Decorate for a jungle monkey theme party the night before and then the next morning remove the monkey stuffed animal and replace it with a "Where the Wild Things Are" stuffed animal.

2) Invite a couple (it only takes a couple) seven year old boys over (Do you see the wildness happening?)

3)Serve them pizza in the car on the way to the new movie "Where the Wild Things Are"

4)Serve them licorice on the way back from the movie. (More wildness.)

5) Throw in a dash of cool presents

6)Make a green viney cake, kind of like this one.
Let's get a closeup of that cake and the mastermind behind it (figuratively and literally).

7)Blindfold the King of the Wild Things.

8)Disorient him.

9)  Add a surprise and stir.

10) Allow the mixture to rise to the occasion for a few hours and... 

A Wild Rumpus fit for a Mymy!

Happy Birthday Kiddo.
I have one word for you. GEARS!

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  1. You have outdone yourself with this cake! How we missed not being there this year...glad it was so much fun...xoxoxoxo