Saturday, October 24, 2009


That, my devoted devotees, is why I pushed out these Vaiseys in the first place.  To do the dirty work. 

I am training them up to take over completely by 2012. 

Zuzu (although reluctant in the laundry department) shows great promise in our kitchen division.

She requested the toque(you know, the hat).

Rolled out the(whole wheat)dough. Schmeared the sauce. Sprinkled the cheese.

Was shocked to learn there would be no salary.
(that's why we outsource. Its cheaper that way.)

But she loves her work. Pay or no pay.

And I love watching her work. (Pay or no pay.)


  1. i love her. and i want a piece of pizza.

  2. hey thanks for the comment! it made me laugh! haha. and your daughter is adorable!!

  3. How I love this delightful little lady. Eloise is a joy to behold!!

  4. ZuZu is a doll, but armed with a rolling pin? Could go either way.