Monday, November 2, 2009

Drastic Changes

Introducing...the new me! 

I know! It looks like a whole different person except she looks a lot like the old me but with a haircut which is very similar to my last haircut but with some variation...however slight. But if you look close you can tell. 
This is not turning out as exciting as I had anticipated. 

But The professor likes it.

He can't resist it when I channel Robert Smith (You know,The Cure), Audrey Hepburn, a dash of Sheena Easton with a smidge of Barbra Streisand from her first television special My Name is Barbra, and the tiniest bit of his and my mother circa 1985 depending on which angle you look at it and if I've styled it or not. 

Who could?!? 
It's a very unified look.
(Or maybe he just likes it when I am in the kitchen in my robe.) 

(And also forget that part about our mothers. That's just plain Maury Povich material.)


  1. 1 - It's cute.

    2 - You had the PERFECT opportunity to quote David Bowie in your title...and didn't. And I call you my FRIEND.


  2. Hot, Hot, Hot! No wonder the Prof likes it.

  3. i guess no need any mood music! your hair looks really fun! love it

  4. I now have a testimony of YOUR hair.

  5. On second glance of this sweet pictie, why does Clark Kent have purple bandaids on his fingers? His mother wants to know. Just curious...

  6. The Prof has taken up ASL. No, actually you will see bandaids on his fingers whenever he is stressed because he chews at them. These just happened to be purple. And he just happens to be very stressed.