Thursday, November 12, 2009

So They Think They Can Dance (dance)

When you tell your children to go outside and stay there good things happen (unless bad things do).  In this instance a virtual explosion of choreographic industry occurred.  I was privileged to see the production notes for the dances that Deedee and Mymy spent the day creating and very amused by the system they came up with to track costumes and music for each number.  Each dance had it's own line and in that line were columns that included what pieces to wear and an annotation of the tune to sing. Like this:

Anarctic/ jacket and baseball shirt for penguin/ doh dee doh doh dee dee

It's really the music code that got me. Just rows and rows of "nee nah nah nees" and "doo ba bo bums" to remember the tunes they had made up.
We were then regaled with this spectacle of dance the next morning at daybreak.
 So, get out the opera glasses please and prepare yourself for a sample of thematically cohesive and provacative dance.  I didn't put them all in here because they came up with about 37.
Also, I beg pardon for the public transportaion noise and my rasping and, at times, shrill enthusiasm. Hopefully it will not sully your viewing pleasure.

So the moral of this story is kick your children out of the house. It's quieter, cleaner and (now) totally justifiable.


  1. Pure genius! I wish we lived closer; I can totally see Peter and Lily doing something similar, only with more science and less art. Not sure where they got their scientific brains, since M. and I are both artistes. :) They would have a blast with Deedee and Mymy. I love how expressive they are!

  2. Hah! How funny! I think my fav was "The Mexico Hero." So great.

  3. that. was. Awesome! I'm debating whether to show it to my kids, because then i would see it A LOT.

  4. If I looked in the mirror right now, i would see a blotchy face staring back at me. know why? the tears! the tears? because watching that video made me sick to be so far from them. from you.
    maybe it's the pre aunt, voluntary connection i shared with the deedee mymy vaiseys so long ago
    i love how almost every dance ended in a sibling embrace. i'm going to give you all a big fat sibling embrace when i see you.
    be aware that during Vaisey christmas disney '09 i may explode with random bursts of sobs.

  5. I am speechless...ditto on the kelly comment...

  6. I miss being a kid like that.

    I agree, "The Mexican Hero" was my favorite, but either way they were all pretty fantastic!

  7. Who is that weird "Delete this Blog" person? I would report them. But, I, too am speechless...ditto on the kelly comment.

    Plus if you are such a bad mother, why do I love my hair so much? I have been meaning to tell you for months how you changed my life, Julia. All my life I have been challenged by the curl/frizz that grows on top of my head. But it was you that had the courage to drag me off to see Jessie and take the plunge. My life will forever be changed for the better...I feel a song coming on...

    So next time you go thinking you are a bad or inadequate mother, just recall the words of your forever appreciative m-i-l whose life has reached new horizons and it's all because of you! xoxoxoxoxo

  8. What lovely, talented children! Rising stars, I tell you. Miss you!

  9. These two are up and coming!! Broadway be prepared!! What a joy to watch. Loved the parental background sounds.

  10. I loved this so much. It's totally post-modern, man! The very best thing is just days before I watched these geniuses, I saw Anna Halprin dance perform one of her early works ('60s era) at the MCA and at the end of the piece, all of the performers layer all these costume articles onto a couple of the performers till they end up looking like creatures from a post-apocolyptic age draped in the detritus of our culuture. Anyway, I loved that piece and as for these art stars, Miss Dee and Mr. My -- I just wanted to scoot them right into the museum! Too adorable and smart! The titles are just brilliant.