Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fairy Godgogogirl

She stole the show.  You might say that I am biased but I will just tell you that I am very critical and difficult to please. (If you have ever tried to go to the movies with me or bought me expensive tickets to a show you already know this and are probably cringing just remembering how I ruined the whole thing for you. Sorry Babajuje.) So when I say that I was utterly delighted by the whole charming production but COMPLETELY blown away by Dee you better bibbity bobbity believe me.     
She had presence and commanded attention. She was sassy and ironic. Her voice sounded great. She took just the right risks.
 And she was so funny.

No video allowed but here are some stills of Dee as Fairy Godmother in Disney's (which is why we can't have video those copyright nazi's) Cinderella.

 I wish you could have seen her in action. She was so good and,I reiterate, you must believe me because I am not one of those stage moms. (Sing out Louise!)

You made our night Dee.
We are so proud of you.
Brava! Brava! You were FABULOUS!  


  1. Talented and gorgeous to boot! Way to go Dee!

  2. How sweet is that how ensemble she has on? I didn't know they made gogo boots in her size. She stood out so well, and looks awesome! Wish we could have seen it. GO DELIA!

  3. Yeah, I had a lot of fun putting her costume together.

  4. What a gorgeous Fairy Godmotha. :D

  5. Killing me...she is so grown up!!! Bring that costume to Florida so she can do an encore. Please???????? I am dying ova' here!

  6. Do you have a video of it?? POST IT!