Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Goose is Getting Fat

And by goose I mean me. 

We got our tree up before we left for Pomello Farm for Thankgiving (more on that soon) to get a jump on some holiday cheer.

  And even though it is very uncharacteristic of me to plan ahead I have actually done some pre-christmas preparation.

I put on ten pounds BEFORE all of the yuletide cheer just to cross it off my list.

It feels so good to be prepared. 

*Please note that I wear the same clothes every single day of my life.*
(sometimes I even launder them.)


  1. I really like what your hair is doing these days. maybe i am lit (from which i can't even take cred), but you always have me beat in the hair dept. 23 dayz. CAN YOU TASTE IT?

  2. You look great Bekah - don't succumb to those negative body issue stereotypes of our California youth. (You would already know this if you had sensibly moved to the Midwest instead of back to the den of iniquity that is California.)

  3. ok, you are hilarious. my sister heather in NC told me about your blog and when i saw the trumpet, i knew you were a kindred spirit. you are going on my google reader. hope that doesn't creep you out.

  4. I am dieing from laughing!! Stop with the extra 10lbs already - so dang funny!!! You look great!! ummmmm - people from just anywhere are following your blog?? That makes you a power blogger in my book!!!

    Seriously - I gotta come over to your area and we'll go to lunch with this dance thing is done.
    Go Native Americans!

  5. That's Martian talk.

  6. M-Ware, That doesn't creep me out at all. It makes my delusion of the paparazzi following me even more alive! I am always looking for devotees. I should send you a fruitbasket.
    babajuje, you are cracking me up with the martian talk and the brigadoon alumni. you are on a roll.