Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One of them Christmas Miracles

I bet you didn't know that you already missed Christmas.  Why, it's come and gone friends.  We celebrated aaaages ago.  Actually we celebrated today before we head out to Orlando tomorrow.  Somehow we pulled it off and had an honest to goodness Christmas Eve (complete with pajama fairy and Secret Santas) and Christmas Morning.  I really wanted a little piece of Christmas at home but I didn't think it would be possible.  If you told me we would do this 24 hours ago I would have laughed in your knowing little visage.  But a miracle has happened. A miracle, I tell you.  And to prove it, here are the pictures.

"Christmas Eve". Panda Express for dinner, yuletide sweets, acting out the Nativity, carols, and the joy of exchanging Secret Santa gifts. It was simple and sweet and totally low key. Everyone was pleased and primed for "Christmas" morning. 

Deedee ran down the hall excited yelling "It's Christmas morning!" and part of that statement was very true.  Although it wasn't technically Christmas it was, in fact, 3 o'clock in the morning. We sent her back to bed until 6 when everyone dragged us out of air mattress. (It took them a little longer to get me up.)

The traditional line up in the hallway before the big Christmas Morning Reveal. Anticipation and excitement!

We did the stockings first this year and everyone was delighted by all the little trinkets and treats. It was a bit of a study in diminishing returns, really.  We didn't rush the morning and let the kids play as long as they wanted between gifts. I was really impressed by how little avarice or envy attended the whole affair.  Thanks to all who sent such thoughtful gifts! The children truly loved them. You made our Christmas. (no, seriously, there would have been no california christmas without you.)

After breakfast the Professor defied us to be able to get ready in 5 minutes ( "to the shoes") for an Action Packed Adventure. No problem. Literally 300 seconds later we walked down the street, hopped on the BART and started an afternoon in San Francisco. I got in some last minute shopping for the trip, we had street vendor hot dogs and we all saw the window displays at Macy's.  But the highlight really was ice skating at Union Square by the huge Christmas Tree. Zuzu was the surprise whiz on the ice.  Verver especially did not want to leave the rink. Deedee made a new friend in line and they skated hand in hand then exchanged pen pal information. One other Christmas Miracle I would like to mention is that Mymy did not break any bones with his high risk, low skill style of skating.

What a really nice day.
May I put in a request for just one more miracle? Really? You don't mind? Okay, then.
Get us packed and out the door tomorrow. Because we've got a date with Santa (and by that I mean Babajuje, Bopbop and the rest of the  beloved Vaiseys) on the other coast tomorrow.  And I have a feeling that December 25th with them might even top today's Christmas!


  1. Oh, I am so thrilled you were able to have the very merry christmas at home. really, genuinely happy to read your adventures. can't wait to see you tomorrow. i will be waiting...keeping yours and steve's bed warm for when you arrive. just kidding i won't. just kidding i will. just kidding.

  2. Can't stop laughing at Deedee, "It's Christmas Morning!" at 3am! It was the same with Jesse every Christmas morning growing up.