Monday, March 15, 2010

We're waiting....

to get a better family picture than this.  The Vaisey clan has actually (in its entirety) never been professionally photographed.
  Sad, sad news.
I know. 

But all of that is about to change... thanks to you and shameless self promotion.  All you  have to do is leave your name in the comment box of the blog post here:
One comment = one vote. One comment per email address.
Oh and you also have to exhaust all of your social capital on my behalf by petitioning for votes on facebook and your blogs for our family.   You could send out mass emails too.  Or stand on a street corner spinning a "Vote for Vaiseys!" sign instead of a "Crazy Cellular Deals!" or "Pizza Madness!" sign.  Or you could hire someone to be a sign spinner for us.  Or you could rent a city bench or a billboard (but the contest ends on Tuesday at midnight so there might not be enough time for that). 

What I am getting at here is that there are so many ways you could help.  Just pick the one that makes you the most comfortable.  Then you can leave a comment here telling me what you did and I can determine who has been the most helpful and hand out my own prize.  Like your very own t-shirt with our new family picture printed on it. 
Or a Golden Kiss
It just keeps getting more attractive to lend a hand.


  1. .

    That's not true. Maybe you didn't pay for it, but Jessica's a pro.

    Of course, it's not like you got a bunch of different shots out of it or anything, but, you know.

  2. Done! I love what your youngest daughter is doing in the pic on the photographer's site (how do I not know her name? Seriously, it's been too long). Will (my three-year-old) calls that "squeezing out his heart gooeys."

  3. Well, I just voted for you and now 45 minutes later... That lady is a good photographer. She's in Cary!

    Loves to ya Bekah!

  5. I'm only doing this because you need to blog more regularly. And I will so call in that favor. ;)

  6. Congratulations Vaiseys!! You've got friends in HIGH places. :)