Monday, August 16, 2010

Get down with OPB

That's Other People's Blogs if you wanted to know.

  I think I mentioned once that I can only do one thing at a time.  Just one burner cooking at a time for me. I've learned this the hard way having been burned by bubbling pots in the past.  This summer the one thing I have been doing is, well, summering.
So for a peek at some of our activities I redirect you to OPB (ya you know me).  Specifically the blogs of those with whom we have been summering here in Western New York, Upstate, The Cradle of the Restoration, the region of the Great Lakes. In other words, our personal paradise. 
It is rawther a relief not being the main character of the story (aren't I?)  and viewing the summer from these ladies' perspectives. But never fear.  I am sure you'll end up with  waaaaaaaaaaaay more of my narrative than you ever wished for (once I figure out how to get all the pictures to this little netbook thingy and the kids get back into the school rythm).  Meanwhile get down  with Kelly and Babajuje.
Oh, I cant help myself. I have to comment. This summer has been like daily applications of protective coating being brushed over my raw nerves. Like bathing in restorative waters (read: Lake Ontario). Like physical therapy for a withered limb. I am feeling strengthened and provisioned for the journey.
I am a lucky girl (ya you know me.)

The Professor and I after our getaway on the lake.


  1. Love the Hello Kitty backpack! Must have been a lot of meowing going on out there on Lake Ontario!

  2. I'm down with are looking good & "summered". Thanks for sending me to Kelly's & Juje's Blogs for the updates, you all crack my booty up girls:) Can't wait to have you back, even if you can! What a fun summer...

  3. Oh you are so my next life I'm going to order a Rebekah Vaisey look alike!

  4. Hey - found your blog. I hope that being back will not peel those layers away. I may not be able to make you love it here. But I hope we canget you comfortable for the duration.