Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Surprise Visit --Memorial Weekend 2007

Steve had to leave for another conference the week before Memorial Day and rather than fly solo at home for five days I decided to load the kids up and drive to New York to surprise everyone. I am not sure what part of my brain did the equation of a 12 hour drive alone with three kids vs. a few days at home alone but somehow I computed that the first scenario was far more desirable. The drive turned out to be remarkably painless and well worth the look on Kelly's face hopping out of her bed from a nap when we showed up and Julies face when she turned around and saw the kids in the hall at the school where she works. The whole experience was very rejuvenating for me. I got to sleep A LOT and the kids got to be with Baba Juje having fun. Delia's entire "To Do" list of things to do was accomplished. I remember that S'mores and swimming were on the list. Steve joined us for the weekend and we all drove home together. The trip ended up providing some much needed perspective for me.
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  1. Cute pics. I love the one of Eloise in the stocks!

  2. Eloise in the sweet bikini wins hands down in all catagories. Add a candy necklace and everyone is a winner! What a wonderful surprise...thanks for making the sacrifice and driving all this way by yourself, Bek. It was the best surprise ever! Can't wait to see you in a few days!

  3. the world of blogspot would very much like to see some pictures of the newest teensy tiny member of chev vaisey. so turn off E! and get to it. (
    hee hee i told everyone who sees this you watch E!)

  4. i miss you dear bloggy poo. come back. please.