Thursday, May 15, 2008

Every Year Wether I Need to or Not

It is that time again when I post a year's worth of pictures to get you all up to speed. The last year has been so full. Of course the biggest event of the last year is that Oliver Leon Vaisey was born on September 23 2007. After a pregnancy fraught with (unecessary?) worry he came into the world without much effort or complication. He was born in the same room as Milo and Eloise were and when he came out Steve and I laughed that the birth was over so soon. He has since given us so much cause to smile and laugh. Here is a little collage of Oliver from birth until now.


  1. THANK YOU for returning to the world of the posting. Ollie said he fully defers to Oller as the first (and superior) Oliver - but that he was big enough to wrestle over it. :)

  2. Yeah!! I just randomly checked your blog even though you havent posted forever and I was so glad to see some pics! We miss you guys and I hope everything is going better in San Fran. Say Hello to all!!