Friday, November 6, 2009

A.P.A. Teaser

Deedee and I had some pretty exciting moments on our Action Packed Adventure yesterday. We jetsetted down to Hollywood for the day to celebrate her ninth.  American Girl Place, Hollywood Blvd, crashing a premiere and then...

Call the paparazzi. The Vaiseys are in town. More to come.

Next installment on Monday.


  1. By the way, Delia is way cuter than Britney any day.

  2. omg, like you are totally bffs with britney.
    you guys r rally rally lucky.

  3. So here's my train of thought.
    That looks like Delia is standing next to Britney Spears.
    Wait, that is Britney Spears.
    Maybe that's a cardboard cutout of Britney Spears. of her... look so three dimensional. How could they get the shadowing just right?
    I think that's a real 3D person.
    Maybe it's an impersonator.
    But Delia looks so sheepish. I think that's really Britney Spears.
    Well then, what the heck?

  4. AS always, you birghten my day! Thanks...sherry g.

  5. Cracking me up! I wish I could have been with you on your trip...waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am such a brat! So glad it was such a wonderful experience for mother and daughter. Can't wait for the grandmother and granddaughter cruise! How old does she have to be before we can go zip lining?