Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're the reason in my life. You're the inspiration.

    You give meaning to my life.
You're the inspiration.
Noone needs you-ooh more than eye-eye need you.

There I said it.

We married brothers and now, by some marvelous twist of fate, we are sealed together for time and all eternity.
From a minty flavored walk on the late night sidewalk when she was a young lass of 18 (I am glad we didn't get into that black suv) to phone conversations over piles of laundry and dishes almost every morning, she's always made me want to be a better mom, wife and person. It is hard to believe that you can fit so much impeccable taste, fashion daring do, idealism, curiosity, off the cuff wit and heart into such a small frame. And who else does jazz hands in the stocks?

Plus I like that she has hard days too and will tell you about them. There are no bones about her.  She says what she thinks so you know where you stand. Don't be fooled by her diminutive size. She really is a giant. She has stood next to me silent and assuring during very difficult times when there was nothing anyone could say. She is exactly what I call a friend. I wish you could all get to know her. Wait a minute. You can.

 Go right HERE this instant and spend a while in the whoopsy vaisey world. She's a big sil.(That's Kelly for "silly"".)And she's a big stupe. (That's Kelly for "stupid" which is Kelly for "a person I really like" although sometimes its Kelly for "someone who is actually stupid".) And while you are there I am sure you will see what inspired me to start this old blog up again. That's right.
It was Kelly.

 I love her more than funnel cake. And that is really saying something.
She even named my blog for me. 
So, join me in the chorus:
When you love somebody, till the end of time.
When you love somebody, till the end of time.
When you love somebody...
When you love somebody...
(Just keep singing quieter and quieter like in the song.You all are really bringing this tribute to life! Keep fading out while I bestow...)

 The Golden Kiss on Twizzy.


  1. No *sniff sniff* you're the stupe!

    "From a minty flavored walk on the late night sidewalk..."

    BAHAHAHA- I am laughing, crying, and peeing all at once (but I blame the pregnancy)
    Think of the exciting lives that might have awaited us inside the doors of the black suv. namely- death.

    Sometimes you fatefully marry the man you are meant to spend the rest of eternity with. Sometimes you fatefully marry a man just so you can spend the rest of eternity with a rally rally great sister like you. golden kiss to YOU, you big fat sil.

  2. So Kelly's not going to care if I blog-stalk her? Cause seriously, we could all use a bit more funny Vaisey in the world (even if it's Vaisey in name only. There's just something about you people).

  3. Bringing everlovin' tears to my eyes. I am so proud to call you my famn damily...both of you sweetems! You are both big fat sils! xoxoxox

  4. watch out juje. your tribute is a coming.