Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Halloweeniest

Deedee was a Burglar.

Mymy, a Spooky Ghost.

Zuzu, a (tantrum throwing) witch.
(she really took on the part)

Verver, a lil' punkin.

and these two went as STATA enthusiasts.

There was bootstrapping and SEMing all over the place. It's perfectly decent. I promise.

A favorite moment.

We were a motley crew.

And when the candy sorting was done and the sticky children were in bed the happiest reunion continued.

Molly and Arnie, the tiny house awaits. Come back.

Good times. Good times.


  1. Everyone looked fantast. For some reason, your family looks larger when all are in costumes.

  2. You mentioned wedding receptions in cultural halls....and it made me think of the sickest thing i've ever seen done to disguise the fact that the reception was being held in a basketball court...

    Behold the classic cardboard "windows" wrapped in tin foil and curtains down the sides all along the walls. I'm pretty sure I blacked out. It was awesome and tragic all at once. And so began my venture to lend a cultural hall hand...

    your kids have awesome names. Are you related to kelly? Jordan perhaps? If you guys are all sisters I'll die, cause you are all adorable.

  3. Are you saying we look fat Kelly?

  4. Funny, I was just thinking: Ah man. We're the fat couple.

  5. i think it's the scarecrow. it's throwing me off.