Monday, November 9, 2009

Hollywood part 1

Deedee and I spent the day in Hollywood last thursday and spent an eventful day in the valley of the dolls and amidst the stars.  We truly had one of the best days together.  Do you believe in magic?  Well we had ourselves a piece of it. 

We weren't actually alone, though.  Kit, the scrappy girl reporter of the depression and Kirsten the intrepid pioneer girl accompanied us. I give to you this scene captured on film unbeknownst to the subjects.

At the American Girl Salon

More to come forthwith.


  1. Oh my gawsh. that's the funny doll conversation i have ever been invited to see. My favorite highlight:

    "Just the tinest trim, okay. You have no idea how slow it grows out".

    hahaha! seriously what a wonderful mother dot get-a-way. awes.

  2. p.s. I mean its the funnIEST
    but you know what i meant;)

  3. I read both installments of the Hollywood dream. How neat! This is one of those rare moments I'm regretting not having a girl! p.s. I DID tell Tom about the German. He's swamped right now, but he'll get to it, and I know he'll love it.

  4. aww, I loved my American Girl Doll when I was growing up, but they didn't get all that fancy shmancy treatment.

    PS. Loved your video. I totally bought the british accent. And it's totally true. About the accent I mean.