Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A poem by Deedee and more

A poem by the incomparable Deedee Ruth.

Hollywood, I went on Thursday
The day was very cold
It was very much a fun day
The letters in the stars were bold
I went to American Girl
My doll has a curl
I ate so much food
I was about to hurl
I went into a wax museum
with wax people in it
I was so scared to see 'em
I went out in a minute
So if you are feeling blue
Go with you mom to Hollywood
It is a very loving experience
So go ahead and DO IT!

And now, for my fond impressions...
American Girl Place
(we spent hours and hours here and still did not want to leave.)
Early morning taxi rides to the airport. A delectable luncheon on the terrace. Feeding the dolls. Kit footing the bill. Display after display of miniature historical artifacts. Dolls coming to life everywhere. And watching Dee devour book after book in the bookstore.

Hollywood Blvd.
Dee crashed a premiere barricade to get her hands in Shirley Temple's prints and we got bounced big time. Avoiding the paparazzi.
Watching the transformation of Dee in the wax museum from totally spooked to first rate ham. Soaking in Tinsel Town. Our drive up Santa Monica Blvd. Almost dying trying to take a picture of the temple. Punchy laughter.

The professor loves to make dreams come true and in one fell swoop he provided a day Dee and I will never forget for its fun, adventure and the connection we shared.

Thank you kindly. You are(like your father before you) a dream maker.


  1. it's a comment from... ME!
    i bet your surprised.
    Ok, so the collage of the wax museum was hilar. I kept trying to zoom in closer with my mac skills. I like the one where Delia is fake smoking, and when you are judging with American Idol's own, Simon Cowell. Oh and is that you and George Clooney having a chat in the back of a swanky club. Oh and the head shot of you and Zach Efron. HAHA. I need some of those e-mailed to me in their full size glory.
    What a day.

  2. This makes me so happy, and a little teary, too. In such a cynical world (said by a queen cynic), it's nice to see dreams come true. :)

  3. I'm with Kelly... I'd like the pleasure of seeing some of those pictys in their full glory. Glad you girls had fun. OH, and BTW... you make my dreams come true everytime you blog.

  4. Rach's highlights: you with Zefron, Dee with Uma from Kill Bill, Dee with the sad face before her dolls' makeover, ahhhh there's just too much awesomeness in this post.