Friday, November 20, 2009


Yes it is true that I brought halloween candy into our house three weeks before the actual trick or treating. A grand 20 lbs of it if you really want to know.  And it was ALL eaten by the time the children (and pushy teenagers) started ringing our doorbell. We even had to go out for more on the actual e'en of All Hallows to get more. 
And it is also true that The Professor plead with me to keep it out of the house and (ergo) out of his stomach. 
 But I didn't. I ignored his sage counsel. I went right ahead and bought in bulk against his express wish. 
And so perhaps he felt justified when he brought pie into our house BEFORE Thanksgiving.

In the fridge.

 Calling my name.
All day long.
 He bought it. He baked it.
I ate it.
I get the picture.
No candy before the 31st.
 Lesson learned.

Maybe if I get really ascetic over the weekend I will want pie again by  Thursday. Who am I kidding? I still want pie right now.

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