Thursday, November 19, 2009

Behold the Light!

For the past few months I have spent my Saturdays with these dancing fools.

 And by that I don't mean they are fools. Just that they dance. They are (but really I should say WE are) Behold Dance Collective.  This experience has been a lifeline for me during this raaawther difficult and overwhelming period of my life.  I have loved the challenge and the physicality.  I have loved disappearing into something bigger than myself.  We rehearse four hours every week and I have felt the same sociality that one might expect raking leaves with some pals in heaven. Ya dig?
(It is a very friendly, productive, comfortable feeling.)
Here we are rehearsing. It looks like I am the star because the paparazzi were only taking pictures of me that day but actually(and you might want to sit down because this came as a shock to me too)I am not the star.

If you live in the East Bay area (and by area I mean the continental U.S.) I expect to see you at the Christmas show with a few friends in tow.

 Seriously. I will be looking for you. And if you don't come then you are banished from the kingdom. (And in case you were wondering the kingdom is not my blog. I would never banish you from here. This is a safe place.) Did you hear that? I said BANISHED.
And if you do come I will definitely sign autographs.
(Note to self: Bring glossies.)
You won't be able to miss me in the show. I am the second from the left in the second from the back in the second from the third box on your downstage left.
But then I move. 
Don't look at my feet because they don't know the steps. 
Do look at my face because I will be selling it. 
Behold the Light and then partake. It is delicious.
Spread the good word.


  1. very cool! I so wish I could see you. Actually I wish I could be dancing with you!

  2. i seriously can't wait to see some clips. I envy your 4 hour per weekly sessions as a real live dancer. you're the aweest.

    Are you ready for your close up?

    p.s. you have 50 minions. muwhahaha.

  3. p.p.s. do the silver fox proud. present or future.

  4. Hey, hey! My friend Heather does this (and has for years). I wish I could come!

  5. I am sooooo jealous. I want to be in it too! I'll be the second from the right in the second from the back. I'm sure there's something just like this in Gages Lake, Illinois.