Thursday, December 17, 2009

A dream realized.

Here we are ten years ago in our engagement picture.
 We didn't touch on purpose. 
 We wanted to prove something.
I don't know what. 

Tomorrow we will be married ten years.  I feel very good about the couple we have become and the family we are building.

 We will spend the day in a forest of redwood trees and then meandering through San Francisco.  We will do what we love doing the most which is being together and talking about how things work. Just being together really.

 There is noone elses company I enjoy more. We finally relax when we are together. We will exchange our anniversary letters too, which I love. We will also be spending the night in a nice hotel with a real bed in the room.  I don't even think you can request an air mattress at this hotel. It is THAT nice.  So I am going to have to make do with an actual mattress. And, I'm afraid, I am going to have to sleep in for as long as I want to. And then I will wake up leisurely to this two centimeters from my face.

Pretty dreamy.

*Golden Kisses to Jenn and Tyrah for making the dream come true* 


  1. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a wonderful day! (and fancy too! A bed and everything!)

    PS. Thanks for your tips on the nightgowns! They were soo soo helpful, I found a couple that I want!

  2. That picture of all of you is sooo good. I love love love it. Mark? Self timed? It's great. Wall hanging great. Plus your hair is pretty cool too. Oh..oh yeah, your anniversary. 10 whooping years! That's amazing. Especially because marriage is a pretty tricky one.
    Jeff and I are fast approaching (as in monday) where you and steve were when we got married the 5 yr mark. I hope your anna is sweet and may you sleep in many hours.

    p.s. ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!! Can you look at my shoes by the door when you get there and talk to Julie about how small they are then come and wake me up in the morning? Just like the first time we met? I'd appresh.

  3. Happy Anniversary! August will make 10 years for us.

    PS How is it fair that you and the professor look exACTly the same 10 years later?

  4. kelly,
    yep. it was marc, with the holga at the pumpkin patch.(looks like I win this round of CLUE) pretty sweet. and it is on my mantle.

  5. I remember when you guys were married, and when you told me you were pregnant ("I just thought I was in a bad mood," you said), and holding sweet Dee. This post makes me happy. Congrats on such a wonderful family.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Love the no touching engagement pic. You guys are perfect for each other methinks.

  7. Bringing tears to my eyes!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  8. I know why you weren't touching!!! You were afraid I would take away your Itsa-ka-doosey! It's happened before, you know!!!

  9. You guys got 5 years on us - congrats! Thanks for the inspiration and the beautiful family photo. You got a hunk, girl!