Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream

I dream of sleeping.  I do most of this dreaming while I am awake. And as the weekend draws nearer I, like Tantalus , start really believing that this Saturday, surely this Saturday, I will get to sleep in.  So I close my eyes on Friday night with a comfortable hope and then bright and early (early early early) Saturday morning I awake to this two centimeters from my face.
Next Verver enters and starts pulling and tugging. "Wake up maw maw wake up maw maw wake up maw maw wake up maw maw food yunch food yunch wake up maw maw wake up maw maw."

By this time everyone is piled in on top of The Professor and me and the stand off begins.  Which one of us can endure the most elbow shots to the groin and knees to the tender bosom? How many chops to the trachea will it take before one of us gives in and gets up to feed the animals?(And by animals I mean kids.) I win. I always win.  Up and at 'em Professor and take these feral children with you.

And this is the moment when I am so close to the quiet sinking into sleep I just woke up from dreaming about.  This is also the moment when I realize everyone is going to stay in bed with me.

Did I say bed? I meant air mattress.  Which leads me to the other reason I dream of sleep so much.  In the past 4 months The Professor and I have bought two very nice beds. Nice, big, swimming, king-size beds that could comfortably contain the Saturday morning melee while I slumbered on. We bought one, sold one and bought another one. That one is still not here and we have been sleeping on an air mattress for 7 weeks now.   I honestly do not believe that it will ever arrive in all of it's handcrafted glory.  It just hangs there above my head in a little dream cloud and when I reach out for it, it disappears. 

So no more dreaming. Time to wake up to reality. 
 I am sleeping on the most expensive air mattress known to man.


  1. I think everyone wishes for more sleep! Sounds like trying to sleep in at your house is brutal!

    Hmm guess I was lucky. My parents are naturally early risers so they were always awake before me... or I have just always been a late sleeper.

  2. So funny! That is classic! I'm surprised the barrage of kiddos doesn't pop the air mattress!! It is definitely expensive!

    The Professor is sure a nice guy!

  3. It is only expensive because, in essence, we paid for a bed and ended up on an air mattress. If I had known that I could have slept on the air mattress for free!

  4. You bought a bed, then sold it? Do tell.

  5. I heart our bed. Seriously. If we ever split up, I keep the bed.

  6. We bought a bed then sold it. In the store it was like heaven. At home it was like sleeping on a concrete slab. We got it wholesale through a friend. Major savings. Major pain that you cannot return it. So we sold it...at a loss. And that makes my air mattress even more expensive...theoretically.

  7. i will dream a pillowy dream for you both on the vortex tonight.
    i think my favorite part of that post is milo's pose and display of dirty socks. his hand is totally resting on a bum cheek. awesome.

  8. I dream that every night- ONE Morning it might just happen.