Monday, December 7, 2009

Good and Tired

I am feeling good.

Good because it was a joy to be on stage again. Good because Behold the Light was more beautiful than I thought it would be.  Good because of all the friendly faces, humor and hugs from the weekend. Good because my brother Marc, his wife Julie, and their son Enzo came to the show and genuinely liked it.  Good because Marc took pictures. Good because it is cold and feels like Christmas.  Good because we had soft voices and kindness at home all week even with all the hectic to and fro. Good because of the spirit that attended the dancers on and off the stage. And good because we pulled it off. I am also feeling very tired from all this goodness.

Steve and the kids waiting for the curtain to go up.

I got to be the first one across the stage in the opening celebration number. (What a rush!)

The wise men

and the Christmas Star.

Tree of Life. I loved dancing this one. In the end we all partake of the fruit and recieve the light.

Beginning of Come Thou Fount. Very lyrical.

The Finale. Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

Lights before curtain call.

Spotting the family in the audience!

Deedee and Mymy climbing the bleachers while kisses and hugs get exchanged below.
So it was very good and I am very tired.
 Good and Tired is a fine combination.


  1. this looks so natural on you. You are radiant up there, you! wish we could have been there. my applause would have been inappropriately loud. now what the heck will you do with your saturdays?

  2. I got the chills just looking at the pics. I wish we could've come!

  3. what the freak. i didn't know you were a dancer.... you look like you really know what you are doing!!

  4. I so wish I could have been there! Is banishment eternal? I am jealous, you know. This time of year makes my heart ACHE for that joy of performing and sharing with audience and performers. I know what you felt on that stage!

  5. you were beautiful! We loved every second you were on stage because you were having such a good time!

  6. Kera, that is very flattering and nice of you to say! But I must set the record straight. I am not, technically, a dancer. But I am a pretty good faker and I had a very kind personal photographer in the audience making me look much better than I am!Plus I am a ham and always get myself into the right light;)

  7. This is actually Molly commenting. I am really happy for you. Congrats on getting to be a part of something so cool. Also, Mercedes on Glee said she didn't think she was a dancer either, but then she realized she was actually physically dancing, so she said "Yeah, I guess I am a dancer then." And don't go looking through the episodes to find that quote. I heard her say it on one of the hundreds of behind the scene clips I've been watching.

  8. These photos are so great - you indeed look like a professional dancer. I have seen you dance in many a living room and even a roadshow so don't even try to pretend you are faking it. It runs in the family, you are a natural - OWN IT! The photo where you are in overdrive joy expression because you see your family in the audience is a classic. It's funny but also so poignant - it makes me ferklempt.