Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Folly or "With this the gist and sum of it...

what earthly good can come of it?"
~Dorothy Parker~

Baba Juje, The Professor's mother, recently asked him how our new white couch that we bought a few weeks ago was and he responded, "Gray."


  1. that's one good looking couch. and spotless too.
    but i don't see a cage in the background. how do you do it??? how DO you do it?!

  2. This was taken the day we got it. yeah. "gray" just about sums up its current state.

  3. It's awfully pretty - is it from my favorite place ever, IKEA?

  4. Sounds like your couch needs to meet my awesome Bissell Proheat 2X carpet/upholstery cleaning machine! Now that you have Saturdays "free" you can spend all your time on this new project!

  5. I can't even wear white, much less have white furniture.

    Brave souls.