Friday, June 18, 2010

photographic equation


our first mini photo session
meeting one of the genuinely nicest people
having some serious family fun
high hopes for a real "framer"
the silencing of the crickets at pushin up vaiseys
the feeling that life is a pretty good thing after all.

While it is true that last night during our session we discovered that Verver has a pathological fear of the ocean (which, if you think about it, is actually a reasonable response to such a vast unknowable body)and that he cried 3/4 of the time because the waves unceasingly ebbed and flowed to and from his little person and put into question his place in the whole scheme of things, and that in most of the pictures the hollow and terrified look in his eyes might drive all of us to our own existential reflection, we still really did have a heck of a good time.  He ultimately cheered up when we went to higher ground. Plus, photoshop can fix everything. Maybe even the feeling that it's a great big universe and we're all really puny.

We look forward to our second session at Berkeley campus on Saturday.  I just hope we can pry Zuzu's tiny little paws out of Julia's normal size paws long enough to get some pictures taken. Little Z has taken a real liking to Ms. Wade. 
Every time Julia offered any encouragement to smile Zuzu ran to her, arms outstretched and eyes beaming, with breathless admiration and an outpouring of reciprocal kindness.
Zuzu is an excelent barometer of other people's goodness.
She is not, however, the easiest child to keep in the frame of the picture.

The whole affair had a celebratory feeling.  We ate pizza at 9:30 when we got home. Deedee and Mymy fell into deep sleep in moments after all of the cavorting, twirling and sclathing about on the shore.  The beach really does tire you in such a satisfying way. Even in just one hour.

I agree with Yakko.
It is a great big universe and we're all really puny.
     We're just tiny little specks about the size of Mickey Roony.

But last night as we all lay tired from the beach and satiated from the pizza and tangled up on the couch I felt like I had my own perfect and small place in space.

What a nice coincidence that we got a picture of it.


  1. Can't wait to see them. I tried calling you yesterday, but the call got dropped. And I didn't get a chance to try again later.
    Anyway... hope to see the pics soon. xo

  2. Aaaaah, too much to comment on that I can't form coherent sentences so here are a few bullet points:

    So glad to see you writing again

    Love Yakko

    Can't wait to see pics

  3. i could not be more in love with your family and could not have LOVED more that your family won our little contest. xoxo vaiseys ... you are definitely my new favorite people, ever. :) pics coming soon. :) :) :)