Sunday, June 20, 2010

Playing cetch up or cricket, or what have you.

(Please read in an affected upper crusty british accent a la' Jeeves and Wooster.)

I hit a bit of a rrrough petch these pest few months, what.  Been feeling rawther low if you know whot i mean, eh?  Not entahly up to scratch and all that. A bit lacking in the usual sunny disposish.  Still, morale not entahly dashed, in fact, I'd say its rawther on the mend.  Looks like I am not a permanent resident on Mad Street in  Madsville after awl, eh what.

Still and all I do feel rawther like I've some cetching up to do.  A bit of a wobbly flashback is in order I think.  Perheps a sentimental sort of series of Here's What You Missed might do just the trick, eh? Or some clevah sort of  Well I Think I May Have Left This Signigicant Bit Out of The Mix posts might be just the thing.  Perheps you will indulge me as I punt down the ol' rivah of memories, then? Shocking, really how many marvelous photogs I have of simply ripping moments in the family. Stir things up a bit, what.

So the upshot of the whole thing is to keep the old peepers on the look out for some simply smashing...stuff...that heppened...that I never got right round to sharing.  That last bit really didn't come off how I'd hoped.  Point is we'll be bouncing round on the old space-time continuum around these parts or some such rot. Never mind, then.  You get the gist, what.

And just to show I am a man of my word here is a supah example of just the sort memories with which we will be lighting the old corners of our mind.

I believe this crusader showed up on April Fool's Day

You see how we just wooshed back in time there.  Well that's just the sort of thing I was referring to before about doing later.

I say, proceed with caution.  Time travel can be quite dizzying in my experience, what.

But the rewards can be so sweet.  Very much like the icecream we had for lunch, tea (or "snacktime" as you americans say) and dinner on this very same day. Well that was a rawther clever segue, eh, what.  I'm getting better at this sort of back logging by leaps and bounds.

They never tired of the icecream.  Thought I do a bit of reverse psychology and they'd be running back to a good solid plate of broccoli in no time.  Experienced a bit of a backfire, I daresay.

A bit of digging through the archives will tell you that we decided April Fool's was a day you could do whatever you dem well pleased.  And so we did.  No school, icecream meals, Ollers field trip to the professor's lair, bit of dressing up like a super hero and a day at the movies, popcorn and awl.  Rawther a day to remember.  Which is precisely the whole point of this jogging about in time business.  Well. That's all for now. Cheerio.


  1. holy crap. you have four kids. and i missed you very much.

  2. Looks like a rummy time if you ask me, which of you didn't. :)

  3. wow, your kids all getting huge. and i love the ice cream meal. you are a very cool mom. thanks for all the comments on my blog too. :-) hope you guys are doing well. one of these days we'll make it west for a visit.

  4. I am pretty sure that kids are the best excuse to have fun! :) Yep, and looking at these pictures, I miss California too! :) While Chris is looking at schools... pray that Berkley is one of them. That would just be a blast!! :)

  5. it sounds like it was smashing, baby!! (a bit of...sigh...austin powers...)

  6. You totally made me feel like I could do a brittish accent...and I am horrible at those, so thanks :) You look AWESOME by the way! And I can't get over how beautiful your children are!!