Monday, November 1, 2010

More OPB (you still know me)

Welcome to another edition of OPB.

The primary reason that I love these women (and their blogs)  is that they make me look good by mere association.  One is my sister by blood and the other my sister by marriage. 

And when you see what they are up to you will think that some how, either genetically or by the kind of people my genes attract I am smart, conscientious, inspired, dedicated, focused, organized, thoughtful and suprememly cool.  I will just let you think that I am all of those things.

After all these girls are related to me. 

And the truth is that both of them have influenced the way I conduct affairs.  Julie has even Hapalabbed my house and our crew is often seen in the background at the lab since we are very neighborly neighbors. And  Aleli's voice rings and resonates through so many of my decisions about housekeeping, childrearing and consuming. 

So get down with hapalab and Pomello Farm.  I know I do. 



and just to show you what connects Julie and I,  I give you my brother, Marc. He isn't actually a gay train engineer regardless of what the outfit implies. Although he has been known to hang out over at the south end of Berkeley Aquatic Park, but it was only accidentally

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  1. It was TOTALLY intentional that we "Backed IN" to the parking spot to let Enzo nap. Just didn't know it was the unsaid "signal." Read on Yelp fans...